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VNPT Thanh Hoa Is Vital Partner in Operation Healthy Heart Plus Pilot

OHH VNPT partners
VNPT Thanh Hoa training family doctors on telephone consulting skills

The goal of EMW’s Operation Healthy Heart Plus (OHH Plus) program is to reduce the number of patients with untreated congenital heart defects (CHD) in Vietnam, and ease the economic and social burdens caused by late identification and treatment of these cardiac conditions. OHH Plus establishes an early detection and intervention network from the provincial to the commune levels. A core group of family doctors manages cases from the patient’s initial point of contact through the post treatment period. A satellite group of doctors--including obstetricians, pediatricians, and neonatolologists—works together to identify CHD cases and refer them to the core group.

VNPT Thanh Hoa plays a critical role in the OHH Plus program, connecting the community with the core group of doctors, in a way that few other telecom providers are able to do. As the exclusive telecommunications partner for the program’s pilot in Thanh Hoa Province, VNPT Thanh Hoa will establish and maintain a consultation call service using the numbers 1080 and 8011 137.  The automated call line at 8011 137 will provide the public with general information about congenital heart defects; the 1080 helpdesk will serve as a 24/7 hotline enabling patients to contact a family doctor. VNPT Thanh Hoa also provides technical support for the program’s patient management software and 3G service, as well as training for the family doctors on telephone consultation skills.

OHH VNPT partners
Mr. Le Tho Sy – Vice President of VNPT Thanh Hoa giving a speech

At the June 2012 launch of OHH Plus’s pilot project in Thanh Hoa, Mr. Le Tho Sy – Vice President of VNPT Thanh Hoa -- spoke about the significance of the company’s work with EMW: “As the leading supplier of telecommunications service in town, VNPT Thanh Hoa has provided the highest quality of telecommunication solutions for local people, and as part of our contribution to the nation’s social and economic development, we wish to continue in this effort.  In the past, we have actively participated in community service projects such as the “For the poor” and “Great consolidation” initiatives. The tripartite partnership with EMW and Thanh Hoa Department of Health lays the foundation for a long-term relationship and furthers on-going contributions from VNPT to development activities throughout the local community.”

VNPT Thanh Hoa is a branch of VNPT, the number one telecommunications service provider in Vietnam. With a 65-year presence in the market, VNPT is considered an elder statesman in Vietnam’s telecom market and a key reason that Vietnam ranks among the 10 countries with the fastest growth in telecommunications in the world. VNPT has expanded to 64 provinces and serves more than 71 million mobile users, 12 million landline users and millions of Internet users. VNPT played a key role in the successful launch of Vietnam’s first satellite, VINA-SAT. In 2011, VNPT was recognized with an international award for its contributions to critical changes in the community, especially in rural areas of Vietnam.

Using VNPT Thanh Hoa as a model for corporate social responsibility in Vietnam, EMW hopes to attract additional partners and donors interested in supporting OHH Plus in other provinces of Vietnam as the program develops.



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