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East Meets West's GPOBA Education Program provides tuition subsidies to over 8,000 poor and disadvantaged Vietnamese high school students with the goal of increasing access to upper secondary school education (grade 10-12) and reducing student drop out rates. In the program's first year,  95% of students met the performance requirements. Only 4.3% of program students dropped out, significantly under the national drop out rate of 10.1%

GPOBA Education Program student readingDespite significant improvements in enrollment rates in recent years, the quality and effectiveness of education in Vietnam’s poorer regions remains low, while drop-out and repetition rates remain high. The primary reason for student dropout is because families cannot afford the tuition. Particularly at-risk are students who are not accepted to public school and must attend private or semi-private schools with significantly higher tuition fees.

The EMW GPOBA Education Program selects students from this high at-risk pool, targeting disadvantaged groups including poor, low-income, disabled, orphaned, and ethnic minority students. The program partners with community organizations to refer students, monitor student progress and promote family involvement.

GPOBA Education student with familyA unique aspect of the EMW program is that it utilizes the Output-Based Aid (OBA) approach, a first in the education sector. OBA, also known as “performance based aid,” links the payment of aid with the delivery of an output, or result. In this case, the payment of a tuition subsidy is linked with student performance. Schools pre-finance the tuition fee for each participating student. If the student meets minimum grade, attendance and behavior requirements at the end of the term, the school receives the tuition subsidy. By creating an incentive for schools to actively seek to improve a student’s performance, the OBA approach improves the quality of education for the student.

This unique EMW program is pioneering a new approach to the delivery of developmental aid in the education sector in Vietnam. 

Program Goals

  • Increase access to upper secondary education (Grade 10-12) for disadvantaged students
  • Reduce the level of dropout rates by removing economic hardship as a barrier to education
  • Improve the quality of education for students by linking subsidies to schools with the students' performance–the Output Based Aid approach
  • Encourage the participation and support of local communities in the education of impoverished students
  • Demonstrate that the Output Based Aid model can enhance upper secondary education in Vietnam

Program Statistics

  • 8,000  Number of poor and disadvantaged students currently enrolled in the GPOBA Education program in the first year
  • 10.1%    Percentage of students that drop out of secondary school in Vietnam*
  • 4.3%     Percentage  of students that drop out of secondary school in GPOBA Program Year 1
  • $90       Cost of one tuition subsidy for one year for an upper secondary school student
  • $160     Cost of one tuition subsidy for one year for a technical secondary school student

*Source: MOET Education Statistics 2007-8

Key Local Partner

The GPOBA Education Program partners with community organizations like the local Study Promotion Association (SPA), (pictured at right are members of the Da Nang SPA) which provide student referrals, help monitor student progress and promote family involvement. The program is unique to EMW, pioneering a new approach in the delivery of development aid in the education sector in Vietnam.

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East Meets West's GPOBA Education program highlighted in the Calvert Foundation's Annual Report.


Meet SPA volunteer Huynh Dang Khanh, Chairman, Binh Dinh Study Promotion Association, who works with EMW's education programs to ensure scholarship opportunities reach Vietnam's poorest children.

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