Program Overview 

In Vietnam, people with disabilities are confronted with medical problems, economic hardships, difficult accessibility issues as well as significant social stigma. East Meets West's INSPIRE Sports program aims to improve the health, well being and self esteem of disabled individuals through the power of sports and recreational activities.

EMW is launching INSPIRE Sports as a pilot program in central Vietnam’s Quang Tri Province. Quang Tri has approximately 37,000 people with disabilities--about 6% of the population--of whom 6,200 are children. The high rate of disabilities in this region is largely caused by unexploded ordnance, Agent Orange Dioxin exposure, and battle injuries. INSPIRE Sports identifies and strengthens a network of sports organizations, from the provincial to commune level, where people with disabilities are provided opportunities to engage in sports under the guidance of trained coaches. These networks are managed by the club participants with assistance from locally employed health care workers. 

Using existing facilities, INSPIRE Sports will provide appropriate equipment and train coaches on methodologies designed especially for working with the disabled. The program will also provide management training for those who run the sports organizations, and fund medical interventions such as corrective surgeries when needed.

Key Program Goals

  • Encourage participation in sports activities by training coaches in techniques for working with people who have disabilities
  • Improve the long-term capacity of the health care system and local infrastructure to assist people with disabilities
  • Increase access to sports activities by people with disabilities by providing adaptive sports equipment and training on its use
  • Promote awareness about disability sports by organizing recreational activities for participants with and without disabilities
  • Improve the health of people with disabilities by training local health care providers on appropriate physical interventions and providing corrective surgery where needed

Key Statistics

5.3 million
Number of people with disabilities in Vietnam

Percentage of people with disabilities living below the poverty line in Vietnam

Number of people with disabilities in Quang Tri Province, including 6,200 children

Cost to provide one sports wheelchair

Cost to provide a disabled child two months of swimming practice


Cost to fund an inter-district sports tournament for the disabled, including transportation, facilities, coaches, refreshments, and awards

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A big thanks to INSPIRE Sports partner Sporting Republic!

Download the INSPIRE Sports fact sheet.

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