The SPELL program partners with government organizations, foundations, and local associations to enhance the quality of the program and expand its scope and impact.

Partnering Organizations

ERU Consultants

Nearly 80% of children from very poor families in India drop out before graduating. With the support of ERU Consultants, EMW plans to establish the SPELL India program with the initial goal of giving at least 1,000 students a chance to graduate from high school. ERU Consultants will assist with monitoring, fundraising, and staff training, and advise overall education and implementation strategies.

ERU Consultants is a research and consulting group that was established in 1996 with the objective of working in an interdisciplinary manner on education, public health and child development.

Global Partnership on Output-based Aid (GPOBA)

With funding from the World Bank-administered Global Partnership on Output-based Aid (GPOBA), SPELL is implementing a three-year program to increase access to secondary education for Vietnam's poorest children. The program, one of the first to use an output-based approach in education, will subsidize high school attendance for an estimated 7,500 students who cannot afford the tuition, in order to reduce drop-out levels and improve graduation rates.

The Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) is a program administered by the World Bank to develop output-based aid (OBA) approaches in a variety of sectors including infrastructure, health, and education.

IECD and Passerelles Numeriques

The SPELL program is partnering in a training and scholarship program developed by IECD (Institut Europeen de Cooperation et de Developpement) and Passerelles Numeriques, in cooperation with the University of Da Nang. The goal is to help the poorest local students gain access to higher education, through an intensive and comprehensive two-year computer training program meeting international standards.

Institut Europeen de Cooperation et Developpement is a non-profit organization committed to supporting social and economic development programs in developing countries.

Through education, 
Passerelles Numériques enables the most underprivileged students to access employment in a promising sector and to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. 

Study Promotion Associations (SPAs)

SPELL has been working with Vietnam's local Study Promotion Associations (SPAs) since its inception.Provincial level SPAs assist with implementing and monitoring program activities, and liaising with local authorities. Along with SPELL staff, its members recommend students for the program and provide follow up with students and parents on academic progress and outcomes.

SPAs work in their local communities promoting education by raising funds for scholarships and working to increase awareness of the importance of education.  Read about an SPA member making a difference in the SPELL program in his community.



“East Meets West very much wants engaged donors, with the knowledge that philanthropy coupled with direct involvement will entail a stronger commitment on the part of the contributors, as well as greater program accountability and effectiveness.”

Eric Hemel, Board Member & Founding Donor to SPELL program


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provides one impoverished child with a year's scholarship for primary school.

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