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At East Meets West, we believe that investing in the people and future of Vietnam means investing in education. Children in rural areas lag far behind their urban counterparts in access to education, compromising their ability to pursue better opportunities for themselves and their families. East Meets West is committed to helping children from poor families gain access to a solid education. Our learning programs provide a comprehensive response to a common development problem: inadequate education for children who live in poverty.

  • Succeeding in School: Through our SPELL program, we provide 10-year scholarships for children from Vietnam's poorest families. Over 4,500 students have been given the opportunity to graduate from high school and get a good job, instead of dropping out and performing menial labor. Read more.
  • Getting Ready to Learn: A good preschool experience helps children from ethnic minority families to do well in primary school and beyond. Read more about our Early Childhood Education program.
  • Anti-Sexual Trafficking: Our ADAPT program is working on stopping trafficking at the source by providing girls with the means to obtain a brighter future.
  • Closing the Gap in School Infrastructure: Vietnam simply does not have enough schools to meet the demands of the population. EMW builds primary schools in rural areas to allow more children to attend school. EMW has also helped fill in the gap in Vietnam's higher education system by building key educational facilities such as university libraries, research centers and sports complexes. Read more about our School Construction program.
  • Children with Nowhere Left to Go: Village of Hope is a center for 150 disadvantaged children who come from the most difficult circumstances and are given a safe haven where they receive a full education, job training and skills to help them reintegrate into society. Read more about Village of Hope.

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$600 provides care for a year for one child living at the Village of Hope.

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