Life Is Beautiful
An international campaign to support people with disabilities in Vietnam

East Meets West (EMW) and Vietnam Television (VTV) are working together to lead the international “Life is Beautiful” (“Cuoc song van tuoi dep”) campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the issues that people with disabilities (PWDs) -including those affected by Agent Orange/dioxin - are facing in Vietnam and to raise funds to support them.

Campaign Message

The Life Is Beautiful campaign highlights the different abilities and talents of disabled individuals and raises funds to support them through direct assistance and by promoting organizations that help them realize their full potential. Despite their physical limitations, each disabled person has unique abilities, dreams and hopes. Many of them possess the talent and potential to make meaningful contributions to society. With effective support, these talents can flourish.

Campaign Purpose

In Vietnam, more than 5.3 million people are living with at least one disability, caused by birth defects, illness or injuries. Of this number, three million have disabilities that are thought to be related to Agent Orange/dioxin exposure and 150,000 are children born with disabilities. Over 2.5 million are living in poverty.

Vietnam’s social service agencies, international agencies, and the Vietnamese government have been making great efforts to assist people with disabilities, through medical programs that provide them corrective and therapeutic treatment, and social programs that enable them to pursue education and find employment. Local communities use limited resources to help ease the hardships that disabled people face. Though many promising support models have been developed for this population, lack of resources limits replication and expansion.

Campaign Goals

Raise awareness within Vietnam and in the international community about the current issues faced by people with disabilities in Vietnam and the best solutions to address them; at the same time, foster a more positive attitude towards people with disabilities.

Raise funds to support, expand and replicate program models to support one million impoverished people living with disabilities.




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