Our Values & Guiding Principles

At East Meets West we are guided in our work by core values and principles that inform what we do and how we do it.

Core Values

We maintain high ethical standards for financial and moral accountability.

We constantly seek new ways to solve seemingly intractable problems.
We are committed to serving children, the poor and disadvantaged; we treat our staff, clients and colleagues in a compassionate and humane way

Community Focused
We partner with and empower communities to work together for sustainable development.
High Quality

We focus on quality in all activities: planning, project implementation and management.

We emphasize equality through providing access to education, medical care, improvements in standards of living and poverty alleviation.

Guiding Principles

  • We are involved long term; we maintain an active presence after the project is complete.
  • The project can be scaled to reach many more people as funding becomes available.
  • The community is involved in every stage, from planning to implementation to maintenance.
  • We develop strong partnerships with local agencies.
  • The program or project is a creative solution to a difficult problem.
  • There is a significant, measurable impact on the beneficiaries.



East Meets West

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