Dental Program
Donation Wish List

The East Meets West Dental Program gratefully accepts the donation of critically needed dental supplies and materials. The items needed are listed in priority order below.

 Dental Supplies

  • Dry-angle: Plain or silver (small and large size)
  • Birex (Surface Disinfectant)
  • Topical Fluoride Varnish
  • Self Developing Dental Xray Film
  • Kodak X-ray film: Occlusal and BW
  • Composite/Alloy Polishing points
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cotton Rolls (small and large)
  • Fluoride Gel and Trays
  • Sealants (Light Cure)
  • Fuji “Triage” Glass Ionomer Capsules
  • Copolite Varnish
  • Bonding Agents
  • Fuji IV ART Materials
  • Toys/Stickers for children

Dental Instruments

  • Midwest Low Speed Counter Angle latch type hand pieces and motors
  • Mouth Props child and adult
  • Cryer Elevators
  • East-West Elevators
  • Small Straight Elevators
  • #330 and 557 Dental Burs
  • #23 “Cowhorn” Lower Adult Forceps
  • #88R and #88L Upper Adult Forceps
  • #150S and #151S Child Forceps
  • Amalgam carriers, pluggers and burnishers  
  • Mouth Mirrors (large size)
  • Cavitron Tips (rubber-coated shaft)   
  • Cotton pliers
  • Explorers curved double ended
  • Hook Type dental scalers

List updated periodically. To contribute dental supplies, please email the EMW Dental Program Coordinator or the EMW Dental Program Director.



provides a child free modern dental care for one year. 

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