Breath of Life
Key Statistics from the Breath of Life Program

  • Between 2005 and 2009 , Breath of Life (BOL) provided hospitals in Vietnam with 450 CPAP machines, each with the capacity to treat at least 50 newborns per year.
  • CPAP machines donated by East Meets West (EMW) in Vietnam currently treat more than 15,000 infants per year.
  • In addition to CPAP, more than 500 other pieces of equipment (warmers, LED phototherapy, etc.) have been distributed in Vietnam, treating an average of 20,000 infants per year.
  • More than 130 hospitals in Vietnam, in 58 different provinces, have received BOL machines.
  • More than 2,000 Vietnamese doctors and nurses have been intensively trained by the BOL program in advanced newborn care and the operation of BOL equipment.
  • Seven national hospitals—three  in Laos,  three  in Cambodia, and one in East Timor—have been completely equipped with the latest model BOL machines. More than 20 health care providers have traveled to Vietnam to be trained in the correct use of the donated technologies.
  • Hospitals where BOL has been implemented have experienced a dramatic drop in infant mortality.  As a rule, after the introduction of just one CPAP machine, the 24-hour infant mortality rate drops from 30% to less than 10%.
  • $100 covers the comprehensive costs to treat one infant through BOL for the first year of operation.  In the long term, the cost per child is much lower: five years after implementation, the cost to treat and save one infant is less than $15.



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Luciano Moccia
Breath of Life
International Coordinator

1-800-561-3378 or 510-763-7045


Your $100 gift provides lifesaving treatment for  one infant through BOL. 

Find out more about the neonatal equipment provided by the Breath of Life program.

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