Early Childhood Care and Education
Program Overview

A good early childhood education is considered  one of the essential building blocks  for a successful future, preparing a child for a lifetime of learning inside and outside the classroom. East Meets West supports the early childhood education of Vietnamese children through the construction of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) centers. These schools  make use of  tactile and interactive learning methods to encourage sensory and intellectual development.

East Meets West has built over 10 kindergartens that incorporate this innovative combination of curriculum, teacher training, and education materials. The centers create a safe and enriching environment for young children, providing learning  materials  that stimulate young minds,  and offering nutritious meals. These kindergartens are designed for full-day class sessions and include kitchens and bathrooms with child-sized toilets. They are furnished with items such as learning blocks, toy cylinders, tactile rugs and other interactive learning materials.

Program Goals

  • Construct the buildings according to EMW standards and document the project implementation and completion via photographs and reports
  • Conduct two teacher training workshops per year
  • Examine the kindergartens’ impact on  teachers and students through a comparative analysis with other area schools.


EMW works with the National Center for Strategy Research and Development of Early Childhood Education, a Hanoi-based government agency that delivers teacher trainings.

For More Info

To get involved with EMW's School Construction program, contact the EMW at info@eastmeetswest.org or call 1-800-561-3378.



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