Support Network for People with Disabilities
Program Overview


The East Meets West first established the Support Network for People with Disabilities (SN-PWD) in 2006 through a grant from The Ford Foundation. The SN-PWD program takes an innovative approach to assisting people with disabilities, working with local partners to create long-term, sustainable channels of medical, educational and vocational services that meet the varied needs of the disabled population. Recently expanded to Thai Binh and Da Nang provinces, the program assists people with disabilities to access locally available, effective support so they can live healthier, longer, more prosperous lives, enriched by greater options.

Key Program Goals

The SN-PWD program has two key goals: 

1. To assist as many people with disabilities as possible with direct support
2. To improve the long-term capacity of the health care system and local infrastructure to assist people with disabilities

Providing Direct Support to People with Disabilities

The SN-PWD program recognizes that every disabled person is an individual, facing a unique set of challenges. He or she may confront any combination of medical problems, economic hardship, mobility and access challenges, learning difficulties or social isolation.

SN-PWD starts with individual medical and social screening to determine the needs of each person with disabilities.  Depending on those needs, the program provides:

  • Corrective surgeries where medically appropriate, including surgeries for children with congenital heart defects
  • Educational assistance to enable disabled children to attend school, through a multi-year scholarship program that provides school supplies, uniforms, health insurance, assistive devices and private tutoring
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation, either home based or provided in locally accessible neighborhood centers
  • Vocational training and job placement assistance
  • Assistive equipment, wheelchairs and prosthetic devices

Improving the Capacity of Health Providers and the Local Community to Assist People with Disabilities

The SN-PWD program also recognizes the need to increase the availability and accessibility of services for people with disabilities, including expanding the capacity of health care facilities to provide rehabilitation, improving the skills of local health care providers, and facilitating the creation of employment opportunities.

Capacity building activities include:

  • Establishing community based rehabilitation centers
  • Providing technical support and physical therapy/rehabilitation devices to these centers
  • Strengthening the strategic planning and implementation capacity of EMW’s local strategic partners
  • Improving the skills of medical personnel treating people with disabilities

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